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Who is Ruby Mae & what is soul Food?

This restaurant is named after two of the most loving people in the world; My grandmothers: Ruby Thompson and Julia Mae Green. Both women born in the South taught me the history of Soul Food.  Soul Food is not an ordinary meal, but a meal prepared with history, passion, and love which is passed on to the next generation.

As a child I loved visiting my grandmothers. I could smell their cooking before I entered the house. There was always a meal on their stoves. Grandma Ruby would say, “Girl, you better get you something to eat”; while Grandma Mae wouldn’t ask questions, she would prepare you a plate. We would laugh and talk over a good home cooked meal. Both grandmothers shared stories that were passed down to them by their grandparents.  

I was told stories of how soul food dishes originated. Slaves in the south were given the scraps to eat. They would take the scraps, mix it with love and create a meal; for example, pig feet, neck-bones, and ox-tails. Mealtime was the most important time of the day for slaves. This was the only time during the day they had an opportunity to share time together, laugh, and most of all discuss their plans to freedom.

Over the years, African Americans have continued to use food as an opportunity to bring the family together, enjoy a good discussion, and share laughter.  When you find “Soul Food” you will always find Love, Laughter, and Family.

La Toya B. Flood

In loving and memory 

Grandma Ruby Lee Thompson & Grandma Julia Mae Green